Welcome to Cougar Freight Services Ltd.

The Company was established back in 1982 with the two directors working from a back bedroom, using a dressing table as a desk and using a petite typewriter and one telephone. Now, some 28 years later Cougar Freight Services Limited is still controlled by the founding directors Howard Grainger and David Hartley, who between them have over 60 years experience in the freight forwarding industry. Cougar now operates from offices based in Bradford which is centrally situated in the UK enabling good service from / to all points.

The directors, Howard and David are very proud of the reputation which they have built over the years in the industry, giving a friendly and highly professional service to all our clients, where you will enjoy being a customer and not a number. 

Both Howard and David are extremely conscious about the 'Hands On and Personal' approach and, as such, are always readily available at the office thereby avoiding client's displeasures in not obtaining first hand service. 

This is a profound feature of working with Cougar Freight Services Limited and the director's firmly believe this has been a great part of their success.

Cougar Freight Services Ltd has proven itself as one of the prime forwarders in the UK for the transportation of printing, textile and engineering machinery throughout the world (which we term as a specialty) and, furthermore, handle many different categories of cargo from false teeth to chemicals and many more examples.

Over the many years of trading, we have built an excellent reputation with many UK, European and Worldwide clients. We cater for every need in freight forwarding, whether by air, land or sea, export / Import or indeed cross trading from one country to another. In order to achieve this, it goes without saying we also have a good / wide network of overseas agents, all of which have the same working ethic as Cougar Freight Services Limited.  
Service is the key to our success and whether you are shipping a small carton or a complete plant of machinery you can expect the same level of service, we specialize in building good relationships and confidence with our clients.


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