Accessibility Statement


  • Welcome to Cougar Freight Services Ltd Accessibility Statement. Our website has been designed to help those people with disabilities overcome some of the barriers the internet can present. Our site is Double-AA compliant and should be accessible by most people, regardless of their ability or the methods they use to browse the internet.

    If you have any problems accessing this site or any of the information contained within it, please contact us on Email: or Call:01274 620313  and we’ll do our best to rectify any issues you may have. We are always keen to continue improving accessibility to our services, so we also welcome any feedback you can provide us with that will help us to make our services easier to use for everyone.

    Navigational Aids 
    All pages contained within this site provide the following:

    - A link to the site map.
    - A link to this accessibility statement.
    - A link to the home page.
    - ‘Breadcrumb’ links (or signpost trail) to help users understand where they are in relation to the home page. These also provide the opportunity to instantly go back to any point within the trail.

    - Colour alone is not used to signify the presence of a link.
    - Links are written to make sense out of context.
    - The site map provides alternative access to pages within this site. This ensures that if links stop working, the pages will remain accessible.
    - No links open in a new window without alerting the user first.

    Access Keys 
    Access keys provide instant links to important pages. They are useful for everyone but especially those users who don’t use a mouse or other pointing devices, such as head wands.

    Access keys are activated in different ways, depending on which browser you are using and whether you are using a Macintosh or Windows PC.

    Most browsers support the following: Windows users can press ALT + an access key and Macintosh users can press CTRL (Control) + an access key. Please be aware that those people browsing with Internet Explorer may also need to press ENTER after they have entered their access key.

    All pages on this site have the following access keys active:

    Access key 1 - Home
    Access key 2 - About Us
    Access key 3 - Destinations
    Access key 4 - Services
    Access key 5 - Specialist Services

    Access key 6 - The Team
    Access key 7 - Quote Form
    Access key 8 - Container Sizes
    Access key 9 - Contact Us

    Access key S - Site Map
    Access key A - Accessibility
    Access key E- Email Us
    Access key I - Email link to ISMBS

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